6 Things You Should Know Before Working at Summer Camp

When it comes to working at summer camp in Canada, it’s safe to say our NYQUEST Camp Canada team members are seasoned veterans.

We asked them what they wish they knew before working at summer camp for the first time. Here’s what they had to say.

As little as possible


“Nothing else. Knowing as little as possible about summer camp, as a whole, is the best thing for international staff. Trust people who DO know summer camp to figure out the best job and summer camp for you.
” – Camilla

What to bring


“Costumes! You’ll play dress up much more than you do during your daily grind at home, that’s for sure.” – Simone

“Bring lots of sunscreen! Contrary to popular belief, Canada gets warm and sunny summers – spending all day outdoors can give you a wicked sunburn.” – Jon
“Bring bug spray! The mosquitos in Canada love foreign blood (and any blood really) – so get that spray on!” – Sammy

Summer camp is more than just a job


“Summer camp is more than just a job. I wish I knew how meaningful it would be.”
– Camilla
“Summer camp is designed for fun and as long as you have the right attitude, you’ll fit right in!” – JC

Let go of any doubts


“I wish I knew that I was going to be so much better at it than I thought and that any and all of my worries were unfounded.
” – JC

Enjoy every moment


“The summer flies by! Once camp is in full swing, it feels like the days just go by faster and faster. Enjoy every moment! – 

Make time for yourself


Being a Camp Counsellor is fun and exciting, but you need to know when and how to make time for yourself. Check in with how you’re feeling, your energy levels, and do something that recharges you!” – Tarryn

That’s what our NYQUEST Camp Canada team had to say! What do YOU wish you knew before working at summer camp for the first time? Let us know in the comments or email your submission at [email protected]