7 reasons why you should work at summer camp

We asked our NYQUEST Camp Canada team why they think everyone should work at summer camp at least once in their lives. Here’s what they had to say.

1. The people you meet

JC: “I met my girlfriend (now wife) while we were working at summer camp and I met some of the best friends I’ve ever had. I now have friends from across the world to stay with when I travel – who stay with me too!”

Bek: “Meeting new people from around the world: from different countries, backgrounds, ages, experiences – you can learn a lot from others! I have met some of my closest friends through camp; people who have similar interests, values, are fun, who know me really well and are good friends to have in my life!”
2. The skills you learn

“The hard and soft skills that you learn at camp. I learned how to waterski, shoot a bow and arrow, do a roll in a kayak and how to cook over an open fire. The soft skills that are gained are things like dealing with groups of children, working under pressure, thinking on your feet, getting creative and also how best to work with your peers in close-knit environments!”

Jonathan: “Camp provides a space for international staff to grow, learn and develop leadership skills in a uniquely supportive environment. Since an international camp staff member is far from his or her support system, they must also develop these skills and learn to cope independently from their family and friends. This, in-turn, will lead to the staff’s development of self-confidence and their ability to succeed in unfamiliar environments.
3. The positive impact on kids

“Camp provides staff with the opportunity to lead, teach, and have a powerful and positive impact on the lives of children.”

Michelle: “I was able to help many campers over the years by growing their confidence and allowing them to believe in themselves!”
4. Getting to know yourself


I’ve met myself! Learning more about myself, who I am, who I want to be, what I’m interested in and what my values are (potentially challenging and changing them?), gaining confidence in an environment that allows you to be whoever you like, with no pressure and no questions asked!”

Michelle: “Camp gave me the confidence and skills to lead me to a career that I love!”
5. The memories

“If you’re used to working with children, you probably know that kids say and do the funniest things – but children with North American accents are the cutest! You’ll remember funny quotes, make new friends, and won’t stop talking about camp! Embrace your inner child!”
6. Unplug from technology

‘“Sounds pretty obvious, but being outdoors interacting with humans and following a daily camp schedule that isn’t interrupted by 100’s of Facebook notifications is so liberating! I felt exhausted but very healthy in body and mind.”
7. Travel Opportunities

Jonathan: “Staff will explore and travel through some of the most beautiful areas of Canada.”

We hope we’ve been able to convince you how great summer camp is! We promise you won’t regret the decision of going to summer camp and that you’ll come out of the experience as a better person with amazing memories and new friends from all over the world. Get your adventure started today by filling out a pre-application.