Since 2006, Camp Canada by Nyquest has been dedicated to helping young adults travel to Canada to work at the best sleep-over camps across Canada. Each year, Camp Canada recruits, trains and places hundreds of international camp staff at accredited Canadian camps. Our team is committed to finding the right international camp counsellors for the right camp and ensuring that each match is one that works best for both the staff member and the camp.


Working with you? Or with your children?

Before we get into the details, please always remember that your child is the one participating in this program and that they are our client.

We will happily respond to their concerns/questions/etc. (most emails are responded to on the same day, and we provide a live chat feature during business hours in the spring/early summer) but we ask that you refrain from ‘advocating’ on their behalf and contacting us about their applications.

We would much rather speak with your child (our participant) directly!

As our program is open to those who are 18 or over, we expect a level of independence and indeed, it reflects much better on their application that they can communicate with us and discuss anything they wish. This suggests their ability to do the same with their employer whilst they are in Canada when you are not around.

We recognize that this may be their first time travelling alone, but part of that adventure is the independence they will experience and develop.

Please feel free to contact us directly if the situation is an emergency, but please understand that we can’t give regular ‘updates’ on behalf of your child.


Locally Connected

Camp Canada by Nyquest is based in Toronto, Canada.  All of our office and placement team have been camp counsellors, and the majority of us are internationals ourselves!

We visit almost all of our camp locations in Canada and so we have personal knowledge, insight, and connections to the camps, their directors and management staff.  We’re fortunate to have a high rate of staff that choose to return to the same camp year after year – so it’s entirely possible that your son/daughter will be placed with other staff who have been through the exact same program.

Throughout the year we make trips to visit as many of our staff as possible at their placement camp to provide face to face support.  In instances where we are unable to visit your child at camp directly, we are still always available for support 24/7.


Medical Insurance

Camp Canada will pay for and organize health insurance for all CCEP participants. The coverage is provided through StudentGuard and will cover the participants while working at camp and for any trip to the USA for less than 30 days per trip. There is no deductible for medical claims and claims will be processed within 2 weeks from the date they are received by Student Guard. Camp Canada by Nyquest will provide each staff with their health insurance card during their pre-camp orientation in Canada.



Young people who take part in the Camp Canada program will have a great time while gaining valuable work experience that will help to boost their career and resume.

See: Camp Belongs on Your Resume: Highlighting the Professional Development Value of Working at Camp

Participants will develop a variety of skills at camp:

  • Ability to work as part of a team and with people from different cultures
  • Teaching, parenting, role modeling
  • Project management, conflict resolution, and responsibility
  • ‘Life Skills’ such as independence and maturity
  • Leadership and communication



The application process for the Canadian Camp Experience Program is very thorough. Camp Canada will interview every applicant and review application forms and references to make sure they are well suited to succeed in a job at a camp in Canada.

Participants will have to complete a criminal background check and medical check before travelling to Canada.

Camp Canada by Nyquest organizes the work permit for each applicant via email and in rare cases by regular mail. Participants do NOT need to interview at a Canadian consulate to receive the work permit.


Emergency Contact

We provide all participants with a 24-hour emergency support contact number. Participants should carry this number with them at all times.




Our Standard Email Response To Parents

*In order to be able to provide prompt and efficient service to our applicants we have a standard email response to any email that comes from a parent, as below. Dear Parent,

Thank you for your email!

If you have sent additional documentation that your son/daughter had requested you forward onto us, then we appreciate your promptness and helping us to collect that information.

As your child is a participant in our program, and is over the age of 18, we are unfortunately unable to discuss the status of their application, their placement or their current work permit situation. We would be happy to go over any of these issues with the participant directly, so please encourage them to reach out to us.

Our work abroad program encourages young adults to travel, experience a different culture and gain independence (amongst other valuable skills). The development of these skills while working abroad only adds to the benefits your child will get from our program and will reflect positively in their future paths.

We hope that you can understand our desire to only work directly with our participants rather than their parents, and support us in our work to help encourage participants to develop those skills.

If this email is considered to be of an urgent nature or regarding an emergency then a member of our office will respond ASAP, otherwise you should not expect any further correspondence from us.

For more information for parents please see the Assurance for Parents page of our website.

Warm regards,

The Camp Canada Team


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