NYQUEST Camp Canada’s Toronto City Guide

Toronto (pop 2.5 million) is widely recognized as one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in the world. Whether you have 2 days, 2 weeks or more time to spend here, it is an endlessly exciting place to be. NYQUESTCamp Canada HQ is located in Toronto and all team members currently live in the … Continue reading “NYQUEST Camp Canada’s Toronto City Guide”

NYQUEST Camp Canada’s Calgary City Guide

Calgary is the largest city in the province of Alberta, with a population of 1.097 million. This rapidly growing metropolis is located where the Canadian prairies end and the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains begin.   We work with a lot of camps in Alberta, and many of the NYQUEST office staff (myself included) … Continue reading “NYQUEST Camp Canada’s Calgary City Guide”

Camp Director Portal: Putting Staff on Review

Applying to work at a summer camp for the first time is an exciting prospect for international staff. This blog explains some of the features of the hiring process from the perspective of the Camp Canada applicant.

2019 Camp Directors Onboarding Survey

Hi Camp Directors, My name is JC and I am the placements director with Camp Canada by Nyquest. Thank you so much for considering to complete this survey for us. A camp director’s time is valuable – so I’ll cut straight to the chase: The purpose of this survey is to try to understand what … Continue reading “2019 Camp Directors Onboarding Survey”

Camp is my Happy Place

Written by: Aly   My name is Aly and I’m originally from a suburban town in Ireland called Greystones.   During my time at camp, I worked in a variety of positions including a Nanny, General Camp Counsellor, and then worked my way up to the Head of Programming. After spending four summers at a … Continue reading “Camp is my Happy Place”

‘Stepping out of your comfort is one the best things you’ll ever do’

Written by: Jon   “You don’t have to be Mother Theresa, you just have to care.”   Those were the (pretty sage) words of my Camp Director, as she reassured me that I wasn’t going to totally suck at my new job. I had just taken on a position at a summer camp for underprivileged … Continue reading “‘Stepping out of your comfort is one the best things you’ll ever do’”

Camp Canada Portal

Camp Canada Applicants/Returners: You can apply for our 2019 program by visiting one of our country websites here: Camp Canada UK  | Camp Canada Europe Camp Canada Australia | Camp Canada New Zealand Camp Directors: We are excited to be working with the Smaller Earth Group to provide an update and new look to our Camp Canada … Continue reading “Camp Canada Portal”

Your Questions Answered: Closing Your Bank Account

Question: How and when can I close by bank account?

6 things I miss the most about Canada when I travel

Our NYQUEST Camp Canada team member Jon shares what he misses the most about Canada when he’s travelling.

Your Questions Answered: Work Permit and Accommodation

Question: When will I receive information about my work permit and accommodation?

Change your App Store location to Canada

As many of our participants arrive to Canada, they may want to download Apps (such as their bank app) that are available just in the Canadian App Store. We know this can be confusing, so we have screenshotted the steps that you can take to do this:              

To See the Colours of Another Sky

Brian Costigan’s NYQUEST Camp Canada Story     My name is Brian and here is my NYQUEST Camp Canada story. Back in 2015, I was looking to conquer a new challenge. I wanted to break out of my comfort zone and find a new adventure that would challenge me to try new things and see … Continue reading “To See the Colours of Another Sky”

A day in the life of Jon

Here’s a glimpse of what NYQUEST Camp Canada team member Jon gets up to on a daily basis.

The Best Things about Summer in Canada

This probably goes without saying, but our NYQUEST Camp Canada crew loves summer in Canada. Why do we love Canadian summer so much? Well, not only does it mean summer camp season has arrived, but it also means six months of winter is over. As you can probably imagine, six months of winter is just … Continue reading “The Best Things about Summer in Canada”

6 Things You Should Know Before Working at Summer Camp

When it comes to working at summer camp in Canada, it’s safe to say our NYQUEST Camp Canada team members are seasoned veterans. We asked them what they wish they knew before working at summer camp for the first time. Here’s what they had to say.   As little as possible     “Nothing else. … Continue reading “6 Things You Should Know Before Working at Summer Camp”

Kananaskis Memories

A poem by Sadhbh O’Connor   Out Near Kananaskis, beneath the Rocky Mountains lies, A place where Youth beats like a drum and laughter fills the skies. Each day rises with the sun, a morning chill to the air. As the flag is raised ‘O’ Canada’ can be heard everywhere. Rumbling tummies wait for meals, … Continue reading “Kananaskis Memories”

3 Ways to be a Great Camp Leader

Written by: Camilla   Being a great camp leader for young people is an exceptionally challenging yet a fantastically impactful and rewarding role. Recognizing the strengths and differences within any group of campers is a skill you will develop over the course of the summer but in reflection of International Women’s Day, we want to … Continue reading “3 Ways to be a Great Camp Leader”


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