Camp Canada Job Fairs: How I Got Hired

My Camp CanadaApplication was complete. My bags were pretty much packed in January. I was extremely excited and ready to go to camp. The thing was, I hadn’t quite got a job offer yet.


I remember noticing that NYQUEST were coming to the UK with a group of camp directors once I’d clicked through the very detailed online application. At this point, I hadn’t had my Skype interview and had no idea what to expect going to camp. I needed to satisfy my curiosity, and I was so full of anticipation I was wondering if I had more of a hiring advantage by attending… so that was settled! I was off to the job fair.


As soon as I arrived I was greeted by a warm and friendly reception. The space itself was open to roam about and I was able to walk from one camp booth to the other, and talk to various camp directors at my leisure. Before I knew it (about an hour or so) I’d found my perfect job role as a Drama Instructor at a specialized disabilities camp, and walked out the room, hired!



The Camp Canada job fairs are different from usual job fairs I’ve attended in the past. I found the atmosphere to be very calm/relaxing and knowing this was going to be a summer job, the whole process was very enjoyable.


Being a very inquisitive person by nature, I spoke to ALL the directors from different camps! I soon was educated on the types of camps NYQUEST work with, including traditional, learning and mental health disabilities, physical disabilities and wilderness camps! Each director spoke very passionately about their camp, and it was also great to meet and ask questions to previous camp counselors. It was hard to know what camp was the one I wanted as they all had great selling points, but eventually, the camp I found seemed the perfect fit for my personality and skill set.


In the middle of my camp director questioning, I was given advice from the NYQUEST team too. At one point I felt like any camp would be amazing to go to, but a team member reassured me to trust what I want out of the experience. They knew all about the camps they worked with, and were able to give excellent tips on what to look for, such as “What does a camp schedule look like? What kind of drama program do they provide? What kind of special events occur a camp? How many weeks do you have the same groups of kids for? Can you use the cool hover board before the children arrive at camp?!” Plus they were able to explain the process of coming from the UK to Canada like work permits (which they sort for you!) flights, and accommodation before you arrive at camp!



It was a pretty empowering experience because I felt like I was doing the interviewing! I had open and honest conversations back and forth about what I wanted out of the experience and if the camp could provide this. I realized I had two definite job offers from two very different camps, and so I got to make the final choice!


It really is totally worth it to come along! Even if you’re just thinking about a summer adventure, there is no pressure to make a decision on the day, you can simply make some connections and see how you feel. For the people out there who are sure that camp in Canada is their destination this summer, it’s a great opportunity to get hired quickly and satisfy your need for adventure!