Camp Director Portal: Putting Staff on Review

Applying to work at a summer camp for the first time is an exciting prospect for international staff. Waiting for that initial contact from a Camp Director giving them the opportunity to contribute to a great summer at Camp, although exciting, can be nerve-wracking for our hopeful participants on the program.

When a participant is in the hiring pool, it means that they have completed their application to a high-standard, been through an in-depth interview and vetting process, and are ready for a summer of working hard to provide an amazing program for campers.

In this series of blogs, we want to explain some of the features of the hiring process from the perspective of the participant. This will help give Camp Directors an insight into how Camp Canada process applications and what the participant expects from communications with potential camps.

On Review

The  “On Review” feature in the Camp Canada directors portal, is designed to make it easier for Camp Directors to make informed decisions on great international staff placements, while allowing staff to see progress on their applications in real-time.

When a participant of the Camp Canada program is put “on review” by a camp, no other camp is able to put them on review, this allows Directors to express a serious interest in a potential staff member and gives them time to set up an interview. Here are some key points from the perspective of Camp Canada participants:

Participants can see that they’re “on review”

Participants are able to see that you’re considering them for a place at your camp and taking steps to set up an interview. At this point, many participants will begin to research your camp and begin to prepare for a potential interview and wondering what role they could be offered.

There is a feedback feature

Putting a participant “On Review” is a commitment to hire and, despite their strengths, participants are aware that it may not always be possible to have an interview for a number of reasons. If no longer considering a participant, there’s a feature to comment why. A participant can’t read this comment but it allows the team at Camp Canada to reach out and set this individual up for success in the future by either giving them feedback or a short explanation why it wasn’t the right fit this time.

They are on review for a limited time

To ensure that there is a fair opportunity for participants to be seen by camps the “On Review” feature has a deadline. After a 10 day period, participants review will expire.

There is also a ‘Watchlist’

The Watchlist on Hanover is a great feature as it allows camps to keep track of participants without making a clear commitment. Any number of camps are able to put a participant on their watchlist and the participant is unable to view this feature on their profile. We may get in touch with you from time to time to see if there’s anything we can do to help this participant find a place at your camp.