Summer Camp, Here I Come!

Blog Written By: Abbey W.


So I’m sitting on the roof deck of the hostel in Toronto, waiting on my washing in the machine, and contemplating heading off to camp tomorrow. A lot has happened in the past 2 weeks, and it’s all about to change again!


I left Scotland about ten days ago, and a quick hop over the Atlantic Ocean led me to Toronto (a.k.a. the only place in Canada that I can put on a map). I entered Canada as a visitor – don’t worry, the work permit will come along soon – and soon I was fast asleep in the downtown hostel that NYQUEST had organised for me. It has an amazing location, lovely staff, and the best showers I have EVER had in a hostel. Actually, maybe the best I’ve had anywhere ever.


I spent a few days getting to know the city and meeting some of the uncountable camp staff that NYQUEST have helped. I can guarantee that I will have forgotten your name unless you’ve told me at least three times, so sorry if I called someone ‘thingy’ or ‘you’. I’ve been to the islands (where I got sunburnt), to a baseball game (let’s go Blue Jays!), to multiple markets (sorry bank balance), and to Niagara Falls. To anyone who happens to be around this area during June, check out the concerts at Niagara – I saw Mumford and Sons with 30,000 other people! I’ve also had first aid training at Shendy’s Swim School and orientation. I’m now pretending to be a real Canadian, with a bank account and social insurance number.


Toronto is such a diverse city. The faces you see walking along the street are from all over the world, which is so great to see. There’s something different to do every night, like free cinema screenings – I watched 8 mile in Dundas Square the other night as the sun went down – or drinks with dinosaurs, where the national museum turns into a nightclub for the evening. I’m sad to be leaving it, but excited for what’s to come.


I leave for camp at 8am tomorrow, with around twice as much luggage as I arrived in Toronto with (thanks Walmart). I’ve got my bug spray (30% DEET, pretty sure that’s illegal in the UK), my sun cream (SPF 80, again, what?!) and so many odd socks that I look like I’ve been collecting them. The people I’ve met here have been great, it’s a shame that we’re all heading to different camps, but there will no doubt be many many more new faces to get to know.


I’ll be spending 10 weeks as a camp craft instructor (camping, hiking, map reading, campfires, cooking) at a canoe tripping camp in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario. If you’re reading this heading off to camp, have an amazing summer.


May the bugs always bite your companions,



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