UK & Ireland Travel Log #1: London

It’s a very exciting time in the NYQUEST Office! Whilst most of us are plugging away in Toronto, two of our comrades are in the UK (and Ireland, in a few days!) running info sessions, alumni socials and generally spreading the word about how great a summer with NYQUEST Camp Canada is!   So, here’s … Continue reading “UK & Ireland Travel Log #1: London”

Camp Canada Job Fairs: How I Got Hired

My Camp CanadaApplication was complete. My bags were pretty much packed in January. I was extremely excited and ready to go to camp. The thing was, I hadn’t quite got a job offer yet.   I remember noticing that NYQUEST were coming to the UK with a group of camp directors once I’d clicked through … Continue reading “Camp Canada Job Fairs: How I Got Hired”

5 Reasons Why I Want to Thank Summer Camp

Written By: Michelle Goulter   In 2013 I was 20 years old, I had moved away from my hometown of Millmerran (a small western Queensland country town of only 1500 people) and was dying for an adventure overseas. With very little convincing, I booked a one-way ticket to Canada where I have spent the better half … Continue reading “5 Reasons Why I Want to Thank Summer Camp”

Algonquin and Beyond

Written By: Abbey W.   A lot has happened since my last update, so I’m going to try and do my best to fill you in!   First I should talk about all of the events that occurred in the final few days of the July camp session. Last time I talked about Council Ring, while … Continue reading “Algonquin and Beyond”

A Letter to Past Me (a.k.a. What I Wish I Had Known before Camp)

Written By: Abbey W.   A quick note from NYQUEST: Abbey has sent us four excellently written, and inspiring blog posts about what it’s like to be an international staff member coming to work as a counsellor at a summer camp in Canada.  We wanted to take this opportunity to thank her publicly for taking us on … Continue reading “A Letter to Past Me (a.k.a. What I Wish I Had Known before Camp)”

Countdown to Abbey’s Summer Camp Adventure

Written By: Abbey W.   37 days to go until my summer camp adventure! So, I should probably explain that excited statement.   I’m Abbey, a university student born in New Zealand who has lived in Scotland for as long as I can remember. This summer, on the 9th of June, I’m flying to Toronto to … Continue reading “Countdown to Abbey’s Summer Camp Adventure”

Summer Camp, Here I Come!

Blog Written By: Abbey W.   So I’m sitting on the roof deck of the hostel in Toronto, waiting on my washing in the machine, and contemplating heading off to camp tomorrow. A lot has happened in the past 2 weeks, and it’s all about to change again!   I left Scotland about ten days ago, … Continue reading “Summer Camp, Here I Come!”