Camp Canada Job Fairs – Tips for the Best Experience

NYQUEST Camp Canada is really excited to be in the UK and Ireland for our Camp Canada Job Fairs! With our merry Canadian crew of camp professionals, we’re ready to see the sights, meet the attendees and make some amazing hires for their Summer Camp staff teams!   As a prospective Camp Canada Job Fairs … Continue reading “Camp Canada Job Fairs – Tips for the Best Experience”

Work and Travel Abroad with NYQUEST

NYQUEST Camp Canada is the leader in finding summer camp jobs in Canada for individuals from across the world.   Why Choose NYQUEST? As the only Canadian-based and longest-running camp placement organization in Canada, we work with the most camps and have inside scoop on matching them with the best participants! Don’t sweat the tricky stuff! You’ll … Continue reading “Work and Travel Abroad with NYQUEST”

Awards & Articles

Our Awards: 2006 Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 Ontario Camps Volunteer Recognition Award   NYQUEST Media Releases February 2014: NYQUEST launches their new interactive Camp Director Portal at the annual Ontario Camps Association Annual Conference. January 2014: Jonathan Nyquist appointed to role of Vice President on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Camps Association November 2013: … Continue reading “Awards & Articles”

What’s Going on with My Summer Application?

We’ve recently had several unplaced applicants contact us asking for updates on their application progress, so we thought we’d write a quick blog post to update everyone about what exactly is happening with your application!   It’s completely understandable that you want to finalize your summer camp job placement as soon as possible so that you … Continue reading “What’s Going on with My Summer Application?”

Wanted: Specialty Staff for Summer Camp Jobs Canada!

Archery Instructor Do you have an inner Katniss Everdeen just waiting for an opportunity to shine as an archery instructor? We’re searching for our Robin Hood who knows safety procedures and can teach campers technique with some creative flair. Ceramics Activity Instructor Are you the kind of person who loves getting their hands dirty and has the … Continue reading “Wanted: Specialty Staff for Summer Camp Jobs Canada!”

NYQUEST Camp Canada Launches New Portal: Wows Directors with Innovative Search Engine

TORONTO – On Thursday the 30th and Friday the 31st of January 2014 the NYQUEST Camp Canada team attended the Ontario Camps Association (OCA) annual conference with homemade cupcakes in hand, and our spirits high.  It was during the bustle of networking, workshops, and sample giveaways that we launched our newest tool for camp directors – the NYQUEST Camp Canada Portal: … Continue reading “NYQUEST Camp Canada Launches New Portal: Wows Directors with Innovative Search Engine”

Canadian Camp Visits

I’m heading out of Toronto to visit staff and their camps. I LOVE this job! We were out visiting a number of camps on this trip. All of these camps are truly astoundingly beautiful and it was wonderful how welcoming every camp was and how excited everyone was to see us!   Camp Manitou, our … Continue reading “Canadian Camp Visits”