NYQUEST Summer Camp Visits 2013: Chapter 3

At the beginning of August I (Maike Kats) returned from my summer in the US and I was very excited to start the NYQUEST summer camp visits. JC and I departed for the last camp tour of the summer bright and early in the morning. Our first stop was Camp Hurontario, the first camp that’s … Continue reading “NYQUEST Summer Camp Visits 2013: Chapter 3”

Summer Camp Visits 2013: Chapter 2

Shortly after Canada Day weekend, we flew out to Calgary for a round of West Coast visits. In our trusty hire car, we drove over 1500kms from Calgary to Vancouver, visiting so many incredible camps and seeing some ridiculous scenery along the way. Our first stop was at Easter Seals Camp Horizon, which had a … Continue reading “Summer Camp Visits 2013: Chapter 2”

NYQUEST Summer Camp Visits 2013: Chapter 1

Wow! This summer’s NYQUEST summer camp visits were a serious whirlwind. With Jonathan’s new baby and Maike returning to her US summer camp, the visits were left to myself (Camilla) and JC – and we were up for some serious adventuring!   The first visit of the summer was a 1 day loop around Lake … Continue reading “NYQUEST Summer Camp Visits 2013: Chapter 1”

Inspiring change, One Canadian Summer Camp Placement at a Time: Celebrating International Women’s Day

This, is for the camp counsellors who stay up late at night comforting a camper who misses home; this is for the camp director who juggles the needs of their staff, campers, parents, and families above their own; this is for the activity instructor who notices the shy campers, the ones who don’t quite fit … Continue reading “Inspiring change, One Canadian Summer Camp Placement at a Time: Celebrating International Women’s Day”

NYQUEST Camp Canada’s Toronto City Guide

Toronto (pop 2.5 million) is widely recognized as one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in the world. Whether you have 2 days, 2 weeks or more time to spend here, it is an endlessly exciting place to be. NYQUESTCamp Canada HQ is located in Toronto and all team members currently live in the … Continue reading “NYQUEST Camp Canada’s Toronto City Guide”

NYQUEST Camp Canada’s Calgary City Guide

Calgary is the largest city in the province of Alberta, with a population of 1.097 million. This rapidly growing metropolis is located where the Canadian prairies end and the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains begin.   We work with a lot of camps in Alberta, and many of the NYQUEST office staff (myself included) … Continue reading “NYQUEST Camp Canada’s Calgary City Guide”

The Value of Travelling & Working Abroad

NYQUEST Camp Canada is an international summer camp staffing organization dedicated to offering the valuable, lasting experience of working abroad. Here are some of the main advantages that we know:   Employers pay attention to international work experience on a resume. Value is definitely added to your educational and professional qualifications through working abroad, and … Continue reading “The Value of Travelling & Working Abroad”