Summer 2012 Camp Visits: Final Visits

Our final camp visit of the year was for one day to three camps; Girl Guides Camp Wyoka; Easter Seals Camp Woodeden and Tim Horton’s Onondaga Farms. We set off bright and early Monday morning (though it wasn’t very bright – rain was expected) and drove about two and a half hours, making a stop … Continue reading “Summer 2012 Camp Visits: Final Visits”

Summer 2012 Camp Visits: Temagami

It was a cool, overcast day when we set off our on our next set of camp visits. This time we would be visiting Onondaga Camp, Canadian Adventure Camp and Camp Winnebagoe on an epic two-day 900KM road trip!  Our first stop found us at Onondaga Camp, a beautiful ninety-four-year-old camp where we have five … Continue reading “Summer 2012 Camp Visits: Temagami”

Summer 2012 Camp Visits: Quebec

Yes, this time we were leaving Ontario and hitting up Quebec, with dual language road signs and very pretty houses. Our first stop was a four and a half hour, 350KM drive to Easter Seals Camp Merrywood, a camp for disabled children.  We were given a tour by the wonderful international staff we placed there … Continue reading “Summer 2012 Camp Visits: Quebec”

Summer 2012 Camp Visits: Algonquin Park

We left the city first thing Wednesday 25th July and drove the 225 km (the car wasn’t as flash as the last one but still a bit of alright) to Camp Huronda, a camp that is run by the Canadian Diabetes Association for children with type 1 diabetes. We have five camp staff there are … Continue reading “Summer 2012 Camp Visits: Algonquin Park”

Canadian Camp Visits

I’m heading out of Toronto to visit staff and their camps. I LOVE this job! We were out visiting a number of camps on this trip. All of these camps are truly astoundingly beautiful and it was wonderful how welcoming every camp was and how excited everyone was to see us!   Camp Manitou, our … Continue reading “Canadian Camp Visits”

Use a Summer Camp Placement Agency Or Go Alone?

Why is it still important to use a summer camp placement agency when sorting out a work abroad experience at a summer camp in Canada?   The internet has made organizing your own travels and finding a job much easier.  Many individuals try utilizing the internet to sort out their work abroad experience at a … Continue reading “Use a Summer Camp Placement Agency Or Go Alone?”

Why Do Summer Camps in Canada Love Hiring International Staff?

Here at NYQUEST Camp Canada, we get this question asked all the time. Here are our thoughts on why summer camps in Canada love hiring international staff:   Summer Camp directors know that the most important aspect of running a successful camp is to have the strongest possible staffing team that they can hire.  Almost … Continue reading “Why Do Summer Camps in Canada Love Hiring International Staff?”