To See the Colours of Another Sky

Brian Costigan’s NYQUEST Camp Canada Story     My name is Brian and here is my NYQUEST Camp Canada story. Back in 2015, I was looking to conquer a new challenge. I wanted to break out of my comfort zone and find a new adventure that would challenge me to try new things and see … Continue reading “To See the Colours of Another Sky”

A day in the life of Jon

Here’s a glimpse of what NYQUEST Camp Canada team member Jon gets up to on a daily basis.

The Best Things about Summer in Canada

This probably goes without saying, but our NYQUEST Camp Canada crew loves summer in Canada. Why do we love Canadian summer so much? Well, not only does it mean summer camp season has arrived, but it also means six months of winter is over. As you can probably imagine, six months of winter is just … Continue reading “The Best Things about Summer in Canada”

6 Things You Should Know Before Working at Summer Camp

When it comes to working at summer camp in Canada, it’s safe to say our NYQUEST Camp Canada team members are seasoned veterans. We asked them what they wish they knew before working at summer camp for the first time. Here’s what they had to say.   As little as possible     “Nothing else. … Continue reading “6 Things You Should Know Before Working at Summer Camp”

Kananaskis Memories

A poem by Sadhbh O’Connor   Out Near Kananaskis, beneath the Rocky Mountains lies, A place where Youth beats like a drum and laughter fills the skies. Each day rises with the sun, a morning chill to the air. As the flag is raised ‘O’ Canada’ can be heard everywhere. Rumbling tummies wait for meals, … Continue reading “Kananaskis Memories”

3 Ways to be a Great Camp Leader

Written by: Camilla   Being a great camp leader for young people is an exceptionally challenging yet a fantastically impactful and rewarding role. Recognizing the strengths and differences within any group of campers is a skill you will develop over the course of the summer but in reflection of International Women’s Day, we want to … Continue reading “3 Ways to be a Great Camp Leader”

Summer camp: A place for gender equality

Written by: Jana   In light of International Women’s Day (and every day for that matter!), we’d like to bring attention to the fact that, even in 2018, gender stereotypes and prejudice against girls in sports still exist.   As Summer Camp Counsellors, we all have a role to play in challenging these gender stereotypes … Continue reading “Summer camp: A place for gender equality”