Camp Canada is looking for Specialty Summer Camp Staff

Our NYQUEST Camp Canada team is looking to fill the following specialty summer camp staff positions.   Ropes Do you have any experience rock-climbing, high/low ropes courses or belaying others? We’re looking to rope someone into an awesome summer camp position, working with campers to help them reach new heights! Ropes instructors provide instruction to … Continue reading “Camp Canada is looking for Specialty Summer Camp Staff”

Scheduling Interviews with International Summer Camp Staff

Scheduling interviews with international staff is a pain! It can be tough to nail down the best time for scheduling interviews with international staff. With multiple time zones to think of and varying availability of both parties through the work week, it can be tough to lock in a time that suits you both. This … Continue reading “Scheduling Interviews with International Summer Camp Staff”

A day in the life of Bek

Meet Bek; she’s one of our Placement Directors here at NYQUEST Camp Canada team. Bek is from the land down under, more specifically Fremantle, Western Australia. She has been working and travelling the globe for the past five years! During her time abroad, she has worked at summer camps both in the United States and … Continue reading “A day in the life of Bek”

Certifying your International Summer Camp Staff

Hello Camp Directors! As in previous years, NYQUEST is pleased to be working with Shendy’s Swim Centre in Toronto to certify your NYQUESTers and directly-hired international staff with lifesaving and first aid qualifications. And for the first time ever, we’re running a number of courses in the UK (Chester) and Ireland (Dublin) to really maximize this opportunity! This is an … Continue reading “Certifying your International Summer Camp Staff”

A day in the life of Nick

Meet Nick; he’s one of the Placement Directors in our NYQUEST Camp Canada team. Nick started his Canadian adventure back in 2012 at a summer camp in Perth, Ontario and then continued working there for the following four summers (it’s safe to say he loves summer camp!). He officially joined our NYQUEST Camp Canada team in … Continue reading “A day in the life of Nick”

Being a ‘Twinkie’ Summer Camp Counsellor

    Written By: Anna Brady     It’s funny how different Summer Camp Counsellors are meant to be with certain cabins. Being a Camp Counsellor to any group of campers is the best job in the world, but once you do a summer in one cabin, you can’t imagine being with any other age group. … Continue reading “Being a ‘Twinkie’ Summer Camp Counsellor”

‘If you want an adventure, take a step outside.’

    Written By: Hannah Fryer     This is a photo blog of my Canadian summer camp experience. All photos were taken by me as my summer camp journey progressed.     Here we go, right at the beginning of my summer camp adventure at Heathrow Airport and the scariest moment of my journey. I’d … Continue reading “‘If you want an adventure, take a step outside.’”