UK & Ireland Travel Log #1: London

It’s a very exciting time in the NYQUEST Office! Whilst most of us are plugging away in Toronto, two of our comrades are in the UK (and Ireland, in a few days!) running info sessions, alumni socials and generally spreading the word about how great a summer with NYQUEST Camp Canada is!   So, here’s … Continue reading “UK & Ireland Travel Log #1: London”

NYQUEST Camp Canada’s Vancouver City Guide

Vancouver is located in beautiful British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada. It boasts a mild climate, stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the North Shore Mountains, as well as an ethnically diverse population (pop. 2.4 million in Greater Vancouver Area). Here is our Vancouver City Guide to help you prepare for your … Continue reading “NYQUEST Camp Canada’s Vancouver City Guide”

NYQUEST Camp Canada’s Edmonton City Guide

Written by: Jana   Edmonton (pop. 812,000) is a prairie city in central-West Canada. With 2,300 hours of bright sunshine per year, Edmonton is one of Canada’s sunniest cities. The sunshine might last as long as 17 hours per day during your trip to the city. Known for having the largest in North America (6th … Continue reading “NYQUEST Camp Canada’s Edmonton City Guide”

Guess the Canadian Cities From Their Nicknames

Can you guess these Canadian cities from their unique nicknames? These are some of the major cities across the country that our NYQUEST participants will be arriving into before traveling out to camp this upcoming summer!     1) The City of Champions This city is known as “Canada’s Festival City”, as it hosts several festivals … Continue reading “Guess the Canadian Cities From Their Nicknames”

Homesick for Camp Canada

When planning to travel or work abroad, culture shock is something that everyone has heard about and is something that most people expect to experience to some extent. Most people are aware they will be encountering new lifestyles, and end up mentally preparing themselves for this by researching their destination country as much as they … Continue reading “Homesick for Camp Canada”

Camp Canada Canadianisms

Here’s a quick guide to some phrases and words you might hear the local Canadians using during your camp placement (or maybe you came across some of these this past summer if you’re a NYQUEST alumni)! Some are stereotypical Canadianisms, while others are specific to camp life in general. Think of it as a Camp Canada glossary. Let us … Continue reading “Camp Canada Canadianisms”

Camp Canada Experience: The Best Day of Your Life

Written By: Maisy Smyth   You’re struggling to pinpoint just one, aren’t you? It is something that’s said pretty often – “THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER” was probably screamed at some point during the last awesome party you went to, the last time your team won the game or that time McDonald’s gave you fries … Continue reading “Camp Canada Experience: The Best Day of Your Life”