Camp Director Portal: Putting Staff on Review

Applying to work at a summer camp for the first time is an exciting prospect for international staff. This blog explains some of the features of the hiring process from the perspective of the Camp Canada applicant.

2019 Camp Directors Onboarding Survey

Hi Camp Directors, My name is JC and I am the placements director with Camp Canada by Nyquest. Thank you so much for considering to complete this survey for us. A camp director’s time is valuable – so I’ll cut straight to the chase: The purpose of this survey is to try to understand what … Continue reading “2019 Camp Directors Onboarding Survey”

Camp Canada Portal

Camp Canada Applicants/Returners: You can apply for our 2019 program by visiting one of our country websites here: Camp Canada UK  | Camp Canada Europe Camp Canada Australia | Camp Canada New Zealand Camp Directors: We are excited to be working with the Smaller Earth Group to provide an update and new look to our Camp Canada … Continue reading “Camp Canada Portal”