A day in the life of Bek

Meet Bek; she’s one of our Placement Directors here at NYQUEST Camp Canada team.

Bek is from the land down under, more specifically Fremantle, Western Australia. She has been working and travelling the globe for the past five years! During her time abroad, she has worked at summer camps both in the United States and Canada.

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She officially joined our NYQUEST Camp Canada team in November 2017 and has been our Tim Tam and Vegemite supplier ever since (thanks Bek!).

Here’s a glimpse of what Bek gets up to on a daily basis while in the office and outside the office.

1. What does your day to day look like?
One of the best parts about my job here at NYQUEST Camp Canada is that it can look so different from day-to-day! I’m constantly speaking with both our participants and summer camp directors via phone and email, working to fit the many pieces of the puzzle together and find the perfect matches for our staff and camps. I meet with our different partners, regularly connect with the rest of the team and on Fridays, I join Sammy for sushi lunch.
2. What is your big focus at the moment?
My main focus right now is placing our applicants at one of the summer camps we work with. The Placement Team and I team take into consideration our participants skills & preferences and our summer camps’ staffing needs to find the perfect match!
3. Describe working at NYQUEST in three words.
Exciting, rewarding & just a straight up dream!
4. What’s your most memorable NYQUEST Camp Canada moment?
I had just moved back to Canada, it was my first week with NYQUEST Camp Canada and we were on a company retreat. We stayed in the most incredible cabin cottage a few hours north of Toronto, Jonathan was giving us an inspiring keynote speech in a room made of glass walls and it began to snow behind him! It was just so magical and a ‘pinch me’ moment in my life I will never forget!
5. What is your favourite hobby?
Like many of my fellow summer camp friends and colleagues, I like to travel! I enjoy living and working in new places, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people!
6. What do you get up to in your spare time?
My spare time is spent travelling, hanging out with my friends (and my family when we’re in the same place! Technology and the internet helps me stay connected when we aren’t though!), going on little adventures and exploring wherever I’m living.
7. Tell us something that people might not know about you.
People might not know that I was hired as the Motorsports Counsellor at my first summer camp! I got to teach campers how to drive go-karts and ride motorbikes – it was great fun!