A day in the life of Jonathan Nyquist

Meet Jonathan; he’s the fearless leader of our NYQUEST Camp Canada team. More officially, he’s the Operations Director and Owner of NYQUEST Camp Canada. He started the company back in 2005, with the Camp Canada team and program growing ever since!


Here’s a glimpse of what Jonathan gets up to when he’s in the office and outside the office.

1) What does your day to day look like?
A bit hectic, but lots of fun.
2) What is your big focus at the moment?
Caring for our human resources, connecting with the camps we work with and lobbying the government on key policy issues that impact the Canadian Camping Association.
3) Describe working at NYQUEST Camp Canada in three words.
Fun, engaging, and exciting.
4) What’s your most memorable NYQUEST Camp Canada moment?
There seem to be moments every week that make the opportunity to work at NYQUEST Camp Canada both exciting and memorable. Watching our team grow and develop and to see people taking on leadership roles and carrying out and succeeding with new concepts has been amazing to observe.
5) What is your favourite hobby?
6) What do you get up to in your spare time?
Family time with the kids! They keep me busy! It’s like I’m a Camp Counsellor again.
7) Tell us something that people might not know about you.
I’ve worked at 12 summer camps in United States, Canada, and Australia.