Can I travel before or after camp on my work permit?

The short answer is YES!

However, this may happen in a variety of ways depending on your work permit situation and how much pre or post-camp travelling you wish to do.

For anyone travelling on a working holiday permit through the International Experience Canada program, you are able to work and travel on your permit from when you activate it (by arriving in Canada), for as long as it remains valid.

For anyone travelling on a temporary work permit that is specific to one employer, a couple of weeks pre or post-camp is typically allowed by Immigration Officers.

There are no definitive guidelines on the exact amount of time, but in our experience, over a month before or after means that you will either have to enter as a visitor and change your status over to a worker closer to the start date of your employment, or switch over to a visitor once your employment is nearing completion. Both processes are straightforward, and we can advise of the exact procedure on a case-by-case basis. Most visitors are permitted to stay in Canada, visa-free, for up to six months.