What We Do…

Camp Canada by Nyquest is committed to advancing the staffing at camps across Canada. We have been connecting camps with international staff for over ten years, and we’d love to show you how international staff can develop and diversify your camp program!

We know that the thought of dealing with the logistical challenges of non-local staff can be daunting. That’s why we do what we do! By opening your camp up to Camp Canada by Nyquest, you can benefit from the following comprehensive services:

  • The opportunity to hire mature, skilled international staff (95% of our staff are 19+)
  • Careful pre-screening of international staff:
    • In-depth interview
    • Criminal background check, medical check with licensed physician and reference checks completed on all staff
  • Placement based on needs of camps and staff preferences
  • A complete package on staff you’re interested in: includes summary of skills, reference checks, and interview report
  • Staff are reviewed by only one camp at a time. Directors do NOT compete on hiring specific staff
  • Staff are available for Spring, Summer, Extended Summer or Winter programs.
  • Many candidates come with First Aid/Lifeguarding Certifications:
    • We can work with you to assess the Canadian equivalency of those qualifications, or
    • Nyquest can put staff through any extra courses that you require (including Bronze Cross and NLS)

Our Resources for Camp Directors

Director’s Portal – an interactive hiring tool

The primary feature of this online tool is the ability to simplify your search for hiring international staff.

Once signed in, you can browse available staff or you can narrow your search by selecting specific requirements (skills, qualifications, age, gender, citizenship).

The portal provides one central location for your camp to simply organize your international staff, and communicate hiring information to us as it changes throughout the season.

For any international staff you hire directly (e.g. independently of Camp Canada by Nyquest) and require work permit support for, use the ‘Direct Hires’ section of the portal to do so. Through this you will be able to keep track of submitted hiring details, check in on where we are in the process and communicate changes.

Information Package

Find out more about our organization, the services we offer and the costs for international staff by downloading and printing our Information Package.

Work Permit Support

Find out how we can support you with independently-hired international staff with their work permits for employment in Canada.

Lifeguard Certifications

Find out about the Lifeguarding and First Aid courses we run in the UK, Ireland, and Canada. You can register Nyquest and Direct Hires to these courses.

Portal Highlights:

  • Read through each applicants’ full application (including references)
  • Make a reservation on a staff member, or request ‘next in line’ for staff under review by other camps
  • Review staff that are currently reserved for you
  • See information for your hired staff including:
    • Medical Check
    • Criminal Background Check
    • References
    • Flight Details (including date/time of arrival)
    • Salary information

International Staff Support

Camp Canada by Nyquest supports individuals throughout their international experience.

  • Organize their Social Insurance Number
  • Secure their free bank account
  • Organize and pay for their health insurance
  • Support with international travel arrangements
  • Organize and pay for their travel from airport to accommodations in host city
  • Organize their travel to camp
  • Orientation to prepare individuals for their work experience
  • Two nights accommodation in Canadian host city
  • Support camp and staff during work experience
  • 24/7 Emergency Support number provided to staff and directors

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