Funny Things We See in Camp Canada Applications v.1

Here is a list of some of the funny things we have seen in NYQUEST Camp Canada applications this year:


  • “My interests include cats, chocolate, dancing, and most of all combining these three – dancing while eating chocolate cats.”
  • What languages do you speak fluently: Engrish
  • What city do you live in: Wales
  • I’m really excited about seeing all of Canada, especially Alaska
  • What is your citizenship: Citizen
  • Work experience: 2 days training at Subway
  • “I’ve never been to Canada and am not an especially big fan of Justin Bieber, but have a large soft spot for maple syrup and moose!”
  •  “Basketball is something that I initially got into through playing video games.”
  •  “My favourite thing to do is spend time with children as I would compare myself to a male Mary Poppins”
  •  “I want to teach people that the culture in Ireland is welcoming and isn’t ALL about leprechauns.”
  • “Working in a group can feel more homely.”
  • “I love the idea of submerging myself in a different environment.”
  • I’m preparing for a latin dancing competition, this is definitely my favourite hobbit.


We love our applicants, and all of the people who provided these answers were actually accepted into the NYQUEST Camp Canada program!