Funny Things We See in Camp Canada Applications v.2

Over the past year, we received a massive number of Camp Canada applications from staff all around the globe. While we go over these Camp Canada applications, we pick the funniest and most memorable quotes. Are you ready for volume two?

  • Q: “Do you have any allergies?”
    A: “Chinese food.”
  • “I have a brother. We don’t look alike at all, which is quite funny. He is bald and I have plenty of hair.”
  • Skill – Driving: “I have no experience teaching children how to drive a car, but I have some years of experience driving, so I think I am able to teach them about it.”
  • “I have always and will always love the water and all things water related, even drinking it!”
  • “On Saturday 25th April 1998, I was born in Glasgow’s Southern Central Hospital much to the thrill of my mum.”
  • Q: “Do you have any camp related skills?”
    A: “Hmm. Well, I have never been climbing or done arts and crafts, I’m terrible at sports and I have only been canoeing once.”
  • Q: “If English is your second language, how long have you been studying it?”
    A: “Around 67 years.”
  • ”I have worked as an archery instructor before – I think it is a fun way to introduce children to medieval war techniques.”
  • “I have completed all my documents that required from Night Quest, you can see them on Night Quest Portal.”
  • “I work in a small coffee shop called Starbucks.”
  • “I have always been a very big fan of Poutine. Although I would just call it cheesy chips and gravy, I have had a deep love for that dish and for it to have its own name and place in restaurants, I know Canada will be a place I will thoroughly enjoy.”
  • “I really liked to play video games with my friends, I was not very good with the girls.”
  • “I don’t consider myself one of the eight wonders of the world but I do think of myself as fairly attractive.”
  • Q: “How long does it take you to swim 600m?”
    A: “1 minute.”
  • General Career Plan – “I hope to own my own forest”