Scheduling Interviews with International Summer Camp Staff

Scheduling interviews with international staff is a pain!

It can be tough to nail down the best time for scheduling interviews with international staff. With multiple time zones to think of and varying availability of both parties through the work week, it can be tough to lock in a time that suits you both.

This can result in:

  • Bouncing emails back and forth to establish an interview times
    • Spending even more time to reschedule
  • Wasting time waiting for candidates who got the time difference wrong

At NYQUEST Camp Canada we co-ordinate over 500 interviews with international camp counsellors per year.

Here is how we do it.


The free option that our placement directors utilize is called connects with your calendar in the background to only show the times that you’re available, and it automatically adjusts to the local time zone to avoid time difference confusion.

You’ll be provided you with a customizable link that you can share with your candidates to book a time directly in your calendar.

For example, JC on our placement team uses this link:

You can:

  • Set the default duration for the meeting
  • Set your available times:
    • i.e. if you want to only do your interviews in the mornings, you can block those times
  • Establish who should contact who
  • Ask a custom question (we confirm the best contact number/Skype username to reach the candidate on)

When a candidate has made the booking:

  • You, and the candidate receive an email notification with the calendar invite
  • You both receive reminders before the interview (this greatly reduces missed appointments!)