Camp is not only a fun, uniquely Canadian employment experience. It’s an opportunity to meet people from all over the world; a chance to influence kids in a positive way; to contribute meaningfully to a new community; to challenge yourself and those around you. It’s also an amazing addition to your CV/resume and will give you a host of transferable skills in so many areas.


In trying to give you an idea of what life at camp is really like, we urge that you keep an open mind. Nyquest works with reputable, accredited camps across Canada. Every camp has it’s own traditions, routines, policies and procedures and once you have that perfect placement, you’ll learn all you need to know.


The Work Day

Camps run on their own daily schedule, but the majority of camps divide their time between active programming (e.g. land sports, water-based activities) and creative programming (crafts, music, drama, dance) Click here to see a full list of activities. As well, many Canadian camps have wilderness or tripping programs which many campers participate in. Depending on your role at camp, you might be accompanying your group of campers around their daily activities or you might be leading different campers through one particular specialty area. Evenings are typically spent in all-camp activities or special cabin programming.


Your time off will depend on the camp you work at and the position you hold at camp. Most camps provide a 24-hour block of time off each week to every staff. Other camps provide multiple days off in a row every few weeks. This policy will be communicated to you upon hiring.


One thing is for sure – your work days at camp will look nothing like the grind back home!

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The Staff

The people that you meet at camp will become your community, and the bonds you form through working in such an intense environment can last for life. Friendships form easily when you’re living, working, sleeping and eating with the same people every day – not only that, you will come to support each other through the inevitable ups and downs of camp life. Camp is an incredible shared experience for campers and staff alike!


Most participants in the Camp Canada program apply individually, so whilst you may be nervous about traveling across the world to spend a summer with people you’ve never met before, know that almost everyone else is in the same position! By the end of camp you’ll have a group of very close friends from around the world.


The Campers

Enriching the lives of campers is one of the most rewarding parts of the camp experience, and helping kids to enhance their self-esteem, independence, social skills, and physical health is the true motivation for counsellors to work so hard every day. Camp is a unique environment where kids have the freedom to develop their own person and grow outside the confines of the home or classroom.


During your time at camp, you will likely experience the full range of campers – from the excited and enthusiastic to the homesick, nervous and difficult. In helping these campers navigate their own camp experience, you’ll develop an amazing set of interpersonal skills and enable campers to realize their full potential.

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Locations & Accommodations

Nearly all of the summer camps we work with are located away from cities, in beautiful, remote settings. Accommodations will vary from camp to camp and can depend on your position. You should be prepared to share your space with other staff and campers (including shared bathrooms/showers too!). Some staff will have brand new insulated cabins, some may not have electricity, and others will live in a tent with a canvas door!  Whatever your accommodation ends up being, you’ll make it your home away from home.


A Place for Everyone

We understand that applicants may have certain requirements, restrictions and concerns that are important to them and that may affect their camp experience. In the process of application, we encourage you to be open so that we can make every effort to place you in a suitable camp in which you’ll excel. Some examples include:


  • Camps that can comply with your dietary restrictions or health conditions
  • Single gender camps
  • Non-religious affiliations
  • Not for profit and/or camps for underprivileged youth


Please feel free to discuss these subjects with your interviewer, or email us prior to submitting an application.


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