How Does It Work?

The cost of flights is not included in the fees that you pay NYQUEST Camp Canada. However, in order to help applicants with the added expense of booking flights to their placement we can deduct the cost of your flights from your final camp salary.


We do not have a set cost for flights, instead, you are free to research your own flights and take advantage of any deals/discounts/reward points that you have available to you. We will book the exact flight that you find and deduct up to $600 from your camp salary. If the flight is above $600 then you must pay the difference before we book your flight.



An Example:

Jane has been placed at a camp in Ontario.  She lives in Leeds, UK.


Jane does some research online and finds the most convenient dates for her to travel.  The cost of her flight to Toronto, Ontario is $869.


To utilize the Flight Assist program, Jane must first sign the additional Flight Assist agreement and then pay the non-refundable deposit amount of $200 to NYQUEST.  This $200 is applied against the cost of the flight.  Her remaining flight cost is now $669.


NYQUEST can only deduct a maximum of $600 from her salary at the end of camp.  So in this case, there will be $69 left to pay before the flight is booked.


When the $269 has been paid to NYQUEST ($200 deposit + $69 remainder) the team in Toronto will book the flight for her and forward the confirmation details onto her.


Jane’s regular salary at camp is $1,500.  NYQUEST deducts the $600 from her salary and her new net salary is $900.


By the numbers:

Flight Cost: $869

$200 Deposit
$69 Difference paid with deposit
$600 Deducted from salary


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