NYQUEST Camp Canada: The Application Process

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself!

My name is Kerrie, I am 24 years old and a maths teacher in Devon, England. I will be regularly blogging about my journey to a Canadian Camp this summer, from applying to returning, to give others more of an insight into the whole experience!


Why I Applied to go to Camp:

I have always had a burning desire to work at a summer camp abroad but due to one thing or another, i.e. university and other commitments, it unfortunately never happened! I decided to take the plunge this year and make it happen as I felt I would always wonder what it would be like if I didn’t give it a go. Every single person I have spoken to about their camp experience has not one bad word to say about it and I wanted my own tale to tell! I was particularly inspired by my Canadian colleague who told me all about her experiences as a camper herself and all of the things she still remembered. It was then I thought, wow! I can really have an impact on somebodies life by sharing my own skills and passions. So here I am now!


The Process of Applying:

The staff at NYQUEST are unbelievably friendly and helpful! From the moment I began sending tweets and facebook messages, asking questions about how to apply and when I had to be available, I felt like I was already part of the NYQUEST Camp Canada family. When I was sure I could take part in this invaluable experience, I completed a pre-application form which is available on the website. I then had a speedy reply outlining my suitability and to complete an application. This application covers everything; your skills, why you want to go to camp, which camps you would be happy to work at, your experience with children etc. I then had a Skype interview (a new experience for me!), this was nothing to worry about at all and was a friendly discussion which covered things such as my particular skills, my personality and what I could offer a camp. This conversation felt like more of a mutual opportunity for me to learn more about camp, the next steps and for NYQUEST to learn more about me and how to closely match me to a camp I would be happy at.


Current Situation:

I have had lots of contact with NYQUEST since my interview and have been kept up to date with everything as it happens. The thing I love about being with NYQUEST is that they really care about finding a camp to suit you – contacting you to tell you to research a specific camp before sending your application is a really reassuring part of the process. I have seen other companies who say you have to go with the first camp you are offered – this poses lots of questions and worries; what if you feel this camp isn’t right for you but are at risk of losing your application fees? I love the fact you can talk to the staff at NYQUEST with any issues or views on a potential placement!

Hopefully, by the time of my next post, I will be able to write all about the camp I will be going to!

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