NYQUEST Camp Canada Launches New Portal: Wows Directors with Innovative Search Engine

TORONTO – On Thursday the 30th and Friday the 31st of January 2014 the NYQUEST Camp Canada team attended the Ontario Camps Association (OCA) annual conference with homemade cupcakes in hand, and our spirits high.  It was during the bustle of networking, workshops, and sample giveaways that we launched our newest tool for camp directors – the NYQUEST Camp Canada Portal: www.go-nyquest.com/portal/available-staff/


The main feature of this online tool is the ability to simplify your search for hiring international staff for summer camps in Canada.  Once signed in you are welcomed by the smiling faces of our featured staff complete with Country, Top Skills, and Dates of Availability.  At this point you can browse available staff to see the kind of amazing international camp talent that is out there, or you can narrow your search by selecting specific skills.  Looking for a female kayak instructor from Australia? Or, maybe a male assistant chef from Hungary?  Just scroll through the listed skills, click on your needs, and the Portal will take you to your new staff!


“It was an epic ride taking directors on a tour of our new Portal” said NYQUEST staff J-C, “each director was a new experience, and it was really cool searching for specific needs identified by each camp.  I think the Portal will be a huge success for the 2014 season”


Camp Directors had a blast checking out staff portfolios, and were particularly keen on the ability to keep track of staff they were currently considering.


Each director receives their own personal log in where they can review the information of the staff connected to their account.  Here camp directors can check out the international staff they are currently reviewing or have already hired, find out their work permit status or even when their flight arrives!


The NYQUEST Camp Canada Portal provides one central location for your summer camp to keep tabs on hiring needs, and communicate plans for the upcoming season with the NYQUEST headquarters.

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