Placed at a Camp in Canada

In my last post, I said that I hoped next time I posted I would be able to talk about the camp I am going to… that was a lot sooner than I thought! A few weeks ago I had an interview with Camp B’nai Brith in Montreal and was offered a position! I will be a specialist ceramics counselor due to my art experience and my passion for all things creative!


What I can’t believe is that my sister, who also applied for Camp Canada with nyquest, has been placed at the same camp AND alongside me in the same position! This is a real positive as although we have very similar art skills and experience, we have lots of different ideas so working together to deliver projects will give us the chance to bounce ideas off one another for delivery of an even more effective program!


After speaking with Jarred at the camp during our interview, we felt so at ease with all of our questions answered and hearing all about camp made us EVEN more excited! The camp is a Jewish camp and delivers a curriculum-based program where campers choose what skills/activities they would like to do and spend 4 days on each skill.


I think this is a really great structure; campers are taking part in an activity because they want to and they have a good amount of time to really get stuck into a project. It will also enable me to spend time getting to know each group well before they move on. I cannot explain how excited I am, my next steps are now to complete my medical examination, police check and finally, secure flights. It’s not long to go now, I can’t believe how quickly the weeks are passing! Check out my camp at Next update will cover my preparations for camp! Eeek!


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