Sarah’s First Year at Camp

Written By: Sarah Smith


I was hired as Arts and Craft staff and had an amazing summer and wanted to share all that on my blog. No two days were the same. The head staff would randomly come up with surprise parties and themed days. I got to help make 100’s of props, sets, and costumes. I lived in a cabin with 8 other girls and made some amazing friends who I am still friends with now. The other staff was all fun and creative people and I had the summer of my life with a little romance too.


Below are a few of my favourite moments from the summer:


  • There’s a big contest every year at camp called green and gray when the whole camp competes artistically and athletically. I was on the green team. I helped with the decorations and this year the green team won.
  • Every year the camp has a ‘Sadie Hawkin’s day’ when the girls ask the boys to marry them in a short pretend wedding ceremony.We make 100’s of rings out of pipe cleaners for the kids to use. I married my friend Jordan and was a priest for the kids. It’s kinda country theme so we wear plaid and eat corn and at the end of the day we play country music at a big dance.
  • At the end of camp we have ‘switch day’ when the staff can work on different activities and are paired with their boyfriends or girlfriends or people they like. Bo usually works on canoe and kayak but he came to help in arts and crafts with me.
  • The last night at camp we have a banquet when everyone dresses up and the campers decorate the dining hall. The theme for the banquet this year was camp itself which as a first timer at a camp I loved! There’s lots of speeches and awards. Its a long night with lots of tears but beautiful!


This is a guest post from Sarah – a NYQUEST Camp Canada participant who blogs about her first time of going to camp in Canada! Follow along with Sarah’s summer adventure on her Blog –  Thanks for the post, Sarah! (Sarah’s views are her own and do not necessarily represent the views of her Camp or NYQUEST)