Summer 2012 Camp Visits: Final Visits

Our final camp visit of the year was for one day to three camps; Girl Guides Camp Wyoka; Easter Seals Camp Woodeden and Tim Horton’s Onondaga Farms. We set off bright and early Monday morning (though it wasn’t very bright – rain was expected) and drove about two and a half hours, making a stop at Tim Horton’s on the way for a coffee – an absolute must on any drive longer than an hour. Wyoka is a beautiful camp, with a lovely waterfront where they have turtle eggs on the beach and a lovely pavilion where they eat every meal. We had a tour of the summer camp and a nice chat with the staff, who are doing very well, before heading back out onto Easter Seals Camp Woodeden. This camp is for children with disabilities and has exemplary facilities; including an indoor climbing wall, a sledge hockey rink and a huge newly finished recreation center. The original owners of the estate had a flair for Japanese architecture, which many of the buildings reflect making for very interesting features.


We had an extensive tour from our two international camp staff that were placed there who are simply thriving. It’s always such a pleasure to get a tour from someone who is obviously so enthusiastic about working at camp – they are so proud to show you around! Rightly so too.  We had a lovely chat with the camp director Kim before heading into our third and final camp Tim Horton’s Onondaga Farms, which is an actual farm! The camp is absolutely massive at around 400 acres and has all the facilities you would expect such as high ropes, climbing wall, and a waterfront but also crops, cattle, horses and sheep.


Amazing! It really is a beautiful camp, set on rolling hills that give away its previous use as a golf course. We were lucky enough to visit two of our international camp staff while they were at work on the high ropes and Camilla ventured a go! After that, it was off to dinner, where we had a vegetarian lasagna and spinach salad that contained ingredients grown fresh on the land right there at camp. It just makes it twice as delicious! It was so great to sit and have dinner with the staff we had placed there and to hear what a wonderful time they were having!


After that, we hit the road back to Toronto, tired but happy in the knowledge everyone is having the summer of their lives! I truly am so thankful for having had the opportunity to meet and work with all of the wonderful staff at these lovely camps (and in the office of course!) and to see a more of Canada! Awesome!

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