Summer 2012 Camp Visits: Temagami

It was a cool, overcast day when we set off our on our next set of camp visits. This time we would be visiting Onondaga Camp, Canadian Adventure Camp and Camp Winnebagoe on an epic two-day 900KM road trip!  Our first stop found us at Onondaga Camp, a beautiful ninety-four-year-old camp where we have five international camp staff placed who do a variety of roles; from working in the office to tripping! We had an in-depth tour of this camp, which has platform tents along the waterfront – just sensational! Can you imagine waking up to that view?! Gorgeous. We had a delicious lunch and what was possibly one of the top veggie burgers I have ever tasted before heading out on the road up to Canadian Adventure Camp.


Canadian Adventure Camp is located in Temagami and the drive was just over four hours, but I can say three things with certainty. Absolutely. Worth. It. We were picked up by Justin, the Director at CAC and Steve, who is Maintenance, in a boat and taken over to the camp. It is just incredible to have to be driven in a boat over to a camp and see some truly breathtaking scenery. This is the life! Steve’s mustache was also pretty incredible, no word of a lie. We had an amazing tour of the camp followed by an incredible spot of kayaking on the lake just as dusk was setting in. Jonathan also took a spin in the camp Gyro and we also had an amazing session in the camp Sauna!!!  There are no words that can actually describe the tranquility of such a place, and how at peace you can feel – it feels good for the soul. All the international staff are just loving their time here and I can understand why! One of the truly awesome things (and there are many) about this camp is that it feels as though the camp has been fit into the forest, rather than land being cleared for it. When walking along the wood chipped path (it gets brought in by boat) between cabins or activity areas, you actually feel as if you are on a hike! We stayed overnight here and for breakfast the next day (awesome porridge) before getting the boat back over and hitting the road to Camp Winnebagoe.


We arrived at Camp Winnebagoe when lunch was in full swing, along with cheers, dancing and all out fun being had. It was chaos, in the best way! It was lovely to see how well the staff were doing but also to watch the dance party that followed lunch! I have never seen boys get so into One Direction! We have twenty-four staff at Camp Winnebagoe who hold a variety of positions, from kitchen staff to counselors to office staff to nannies! It’s always awesome to hear about international camp staffs summers from their different perspectives based on their roles. Coming next; our final camp visit of 2012!

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