Summer Camp Life: Your Day Off

It is halfway through the summer, and NYQUESTers are working hard dedicated to making summer an amazing experience for all the campers.  You deserve a break!  But, what to do on your days off?


We have compiled some day off ideas from summer camp veterans … here is what’s hapenin’ on those glorious off-days:


Chill Out!

This underrated activity is an important one for all of you working long hours and with little sleep.  Remember to rejuvenate and take time for you, and sometimes that means scheduling in some relaxation.  Read a good novel, write in your journal, pen some postcards to your loved ones, and daydream under the summer sun.

Chill out time is also an opportunity to reflect on your experiences and learnings this summer.  Being on the go all the time at camp can be hard to find time to write about your experiences. By the end of the summer, you will feel completely differently about camp than you did in the beginning, it is always insightful (and sometimes hilarious) to read about how you felt about camp traditions and camp friends before they were YOUR traditions and friends.


Town Trip

Many of you are outside of cute small towns, so why not check out the Canadian small town experience.  Share a taxi into town and meet the locals,  make sure to say a lot of “eh’s” and a few “aboots”.   While you are there be sure to get your hands on the food that you crave and is missing from the meals at camp and eat lots of it! Also, take the time to check out some small town fun, be it mini putt, a drive-in movie, or just the local chip wagon or ice cream shop.


Canoeing & Camping Adventure

Still have the energy for an adventure? Do something as simple and relaxing as taking a canoe and heading across the lake for an overnight, or get a little more ambitious and check out some of these awesome campsites, such as these rated the Top Ten in Ontario! You’ll find lots of opportunities for hiking, cliff jumping, wildlife citing, cave swimming, sunset watching, and all kinds of other summer fun!


Learn a New Skill

You learn something new every day, especially at a Canadian summer camp! Use your day off to learn to waterski, roll a kayak or have another counselor teach you their specialty activity. Become an expert juggler, frisbee thrower, hacky sack-er, or learn to strum a song on the guitar that you can play at campfire!


Hitch a Ride to a Cottage with Local Staff

A weekend at the cottage is a Canadian summer staple. If you can, try to plan to spend a day off at a cottage of one of your camp’s local staff. Many Canadians have cottages, and would probably love to show you their little corner off paradise!


Get Your Fill of Technology

Find a nice cool dark place to watch a movie, or get online and post all the amazing pictures and videos that you’ve taken so far at camp! Snoop through Facebook to see what all of your friends (& frenemies) are up to this summer, scroll Instagram, and maybe even catch up on some world news.  And don’t forget to send some of your best pics to us at NYQUEST to share with all your fellow NYQUESTers!


Head out to the Big City

Take a trip to the city to check out all of the goings on! You could head to Canada’s wonderland in Toronto, check out your local tourist sights, or go to a concert. Check out some of the food/music/culture festivals in the city near you! Here is a great list of events from cities around the country: Toronto,   MontrealManitobaWinnipeg and Vancouver.


Whatever you choose to do with your day off, make sure it leaves you feeling replenished and relaxed.  You want to come back to camp energized and ready for the coming week!

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