Summer camp: A place for gender equality

Written by: Jana

In light of International Women’s Day (and every day for that matter!), we’d like to bring attention to the fact that, even in 2018, gender stereotypes and prejudice against girls in sports still exist.
As Summer Camp Counsellors, we all have a role to play in challenging these gender stereotypes and promoting gender equality on and off the field. Summer camp is a place where gender equality should thrive, and we have a duty to our campers to continue to make this a reality.
By providing the same access to opportunities as male campers, we can help our young female campers thrive in sports and the outdoors. We can help them no longer feel like they need to stay in the shadows.


This video shows just how great the spirits of young girls are. Let’s continue to make sure their spirits remain untainted and set an example of what girls can accomplish in sports – and in life in general!
When we say ‘Like a girl’, that shouldn’t be meant as an insult – it should be said as a proud statement! When we consider how skilled and strong our female Camp Counsellors and campers are, we know that there is nothing in the world that a girl can’t do.
Being ‘Like a girl’ is truly amazing! This summer and every summer let’s celebrate what it means to be ‘like a girl’ and show that sport is not a gender thing – it’s an athlete’s thing.
Let’s make summer camp a place where gender equality is a priority, where girls and boys can thrive and be whoever they want to be.