Summer Camp: Real Life

Summer Camp in Canada is a dream come true for a lot of us who have attended as campers, and as staff.  It is a place where the magic happens, and where you can wear the same camp T-shirt for two months and no one will say a thing.  But what if camp could become real life?   The NYQUEST staff love summer camp so much that we spend much of our free time daydreaming about what summer camp things should exist in real life, and here is what we dreamt up.


ENTER… Real Life Summer Camp


Bathing:  I have to admit that sometimes I just don’t want to get in the shower each morning.  But, what if instead of the porcelain tub and mediocre water pressure you could dive into a pristine lake?  Ducky dip is a surefire way to get energized for your day.  Don’t forget the biodegradable shampoo!


Uniforms? No thanks:  Absolutely no uniforms of any kind: no work uniforms and no school uniforms.  Everyone can wear what they feel comfortable in, and we encourage you to wear the same T-shirt every day until you’re forced to wash it or finally get a new one after too much wear and tear.


Your Commute: I don’t know about you, but a one-hour commute in heavy traffic is not good for my health, let alone the environment.  In our new life, the commute would be a short stroll through the woods or a cool canoe across a lake.


Rest Hour: No matter what your job title there would be a mandatory Rest Hour, and I don’t mean a lunch break (because you would get that too, of course) but an actual rest hour where you can nap, chill-out in a hammock, read a book, or lay in the grass naming animal shapes in the clouds.


Tie Dyed Clothes: You guys, Tie-Dye never goes out of fashion.  The world would be a better place if everyone added a little more colour and fun patterns to their daily attire.  How about a Prime Minister rocking a rainbow swirl T?  Or your local postal worker delivering mail decked out in homemade tie-dyed trousers?


Swag (aka Friendship Bracelets):  If you’re like me, sometimes you forget to tell your friends how much you appreciate them.  But in real life camp there is a solution: friendship bracelets.


Cooked breakfasts:  Enough with the skipping breakfast and coffee-to-go!  A big hot breakfast is an essential start to the day, and what’s more, it’s cooked for you.


Care packages:  Sending and receiving mail and care packages is actually the best thing ever.   Tell someone you care; pack in their favourite candy, some essential toiletries, a good book and a fun souvenir.


Late Night Snacks:  It’s 11 pm and you really should be in bed, but your stomach is grumbling… camp life brings you the late-night snack.   Now you can get a good nights sleep.


Sneaking out:  Sometimes breaking the rules is the best feeling there is.  Our real life camp would definitely involve sneaking-out of our bedrooms for some outdoor fun and games late at night, the biggest thrill is that you might get caught!


No Technology:  This one is important, absolutely NO technology. Okay, so I hear you protesting about how you absolutely most definitely without question neeeeeeeeed your iPhone.  But real life camp is much better without it.  Listen to the world around you, read a physical book, and interact with people face to face.


Join our daydream, what would YOU like to see brought from summer camp to real life?

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