Jack C


NYQUEST made the camp application process really stress free and gave me lots of information along the way. The initial interview was really relaxed and the application submission phase was easy too. Once I had found a suitable camp, they set up communication with the camp director and me very quickly. They were surprisingly swift and I had my contract two days later! I can’t thank NYQUEST enough for the amazing camp that they found me and for the unbeatable summer I had. Would recommend without a doubt.

Euan M.


This summer I spent 2 months working at a camp in Ontario, Canada and had, without a doubt, the best summer of my life! Prior to starting camp, I'd spent the previous year on exchange at a university in Canada, and not wanting to head home quite yet, I wanted to try and secure a summer job. After doing a little research on the web I got in touch with NYQUEST and they offered me the perfect solution to my problem. A few days after receiving email contact from the guys at NYQUEST an interview was arranged, and after this, things progressed quicker than I could ever have hoped for. After filling in the forms and sending them back to NYQUEST, they located the camp that best fit my personality and experiences in no time at all. After I was matched up with Camp Timberlane, all of the work permit paperwork was taken care of by NYQUEST, although they made sure to keep me updated with the progress of everything. Without a doubt this past summer would not have been possible had I not received the help I did from NYQUEST; they were always available to answer questions and put my mind at ease over any worries I had with my unique situation. I would thoroughly recommend going through NYQUEST if you find yourself looking for a summer job in Canada, they take away all the hassle and ultimately find the job best suited to your needs.

Paul C


I first applied to camp in for summer 2015, NYQUEST made the whole application process really easy and answered all my questions along the way. My initial interview with Simone was very relaxed and soon after this I was accepted into the program. Within 24 hours of being accepted, they found me a camp for me which was absolutely a perfect match. I worked at a scout camp in the rocky mountains in Alberta and it suited my skills and experience from what I had done in the past. I would recommend NYQUEST to everyone and if you are thinking of doing a camp in Canada then get in touch with them. They will be there to help you out at all times. I loved it so much that I went straight back for summer 2016 at the same camp and NYQUEST again helped me with my work permit and all the other things I needed. I can’t recommend them highly enough. They are excellent. Apply now!

Sarah W.


NYQUEST were incredibly professional, enthusiastic and helpful. They kept me up to date with my application and went the extra mile in ensuring that my wishes and preferences were taken into consideration at all times.

Jesper E


NYQUEST is a great organisation. I applied to their program in the fall 2013 and got accepted before 2014. The support I recieved all through the process was second to none. If I had a question of whatever nature it was answered by NYQUEST in less than 24 hours. From the first day of applying, to getting through the Canadian VISA process, to having the pre-camp training I just kept thinking the same thing; wow, these guys know what they’re doing. NYQUEST trained me, helped me start my life in Canada (bank account, insurance etc) and they had my back the whole season (and still do). I really do believe that the work NYQUEST does, benefits more than one realizes and it has a very positive spin off effect on the whole society. If you’re thinking about going to camp and Canada with NYQUEST – do it!

Nina E.


Thank you so much for everything, for finding me an amazing job and for looking after me so well when I arrived in Toronto. I don’t think I could have done what I did this summer without your help, you’ll be pleased to hear that the directors have offered me a job for next summer, I loved it there and became ‘part of the family’, I can’t wait to go back!

Hannah D.


NYQUEST are a one of a kind company, they help you and have your back right from the time that you show interest in Canadian camps! I applied in December 2014 and by February I had my placement at camp for summer 2015! They made the process so easy and reassuring which made the transition to Canadian and camp lifestyle a lot easier. They answer any question no matter how big or small within 24h most of the time, unless they’re out of office! Even when I got out to Canada the support didn’t stop, they help you to set up your new Canadian life(bank accounts, work permits, SIN numbers) and any issues that occur they work round the clock to solve(especially around work permit issues!) all I can say is if you want to go to camp, go through NYQUEST. You’ll never regret it and you’ll have the summer of a lifetime! Thank you for everything and see you next year guys!

Megan J.


I would like to thank NYQUEST for the support they provided me from day one, their efficient and very organized operation made me feel at ease coming to Canada in June. Their continued support whilst I was at camp was incredible and I will forever be grateful to for it! Coming all the way over to Canada myself was scary, but NYQUEST made it so much easier to do so!


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