Euan M.

This summer I spent 2 months working at a camp in Ontario, Canada and had, without a doubt, the best summer of my life!

Prior to starting camp, I’d spent the previous year on exchange at a university in Canada, and not wanting to head home quite yet, I wanted to try and secure a summer job. After doing a little research on the web I got in touch with NYQUEST and they offered me the perfect solution to my problem. A few days after receiving email contact from the guys at NYQUEST an interview was arranged, and after this, things progressed quicker than I could ever have hoped for. After filling in the forms and sending them back to NYQUEST, they located the camp that best fit my personality and experiences in no time at all. After I was matched up with Camp Timberlane, all of the work permit paperwork was taken care of by NYQUEST, although they made sure to keep me updated with the progress of everything.

Without a doubt this past summer would not have been possible had I not received the help I did from NYQUEST; they were always available to answer questions and put my mind at ease over any worries I had with my unique situation. I would thoroughly recommend going through NYQUEST if you find yourself looking for a summer job in Canada, they take away all the hassle and ultimately find the job best suited to your needs.