The Value of Travelling & Working Abroad

NYQUEST Camp Canada is an international summer camp staffing organization dedicated to offering the valuable, lasting experience of working abroad. Here are some of the main advantages that we know:


  • Employers pay attention to international work experience on a resume. Value is definitely added to your educational and professional qualifications through working abroad, and the experience of working abroad suggests certain qualities about an individual – independence, personal resourcefulness.
  • Working abroad offers the opportunity to discover more about yourself, how you deal with certain situations, your true strengths (and weaknesses!), and how you function without a support system.
  • You will have the opportunity to transfer your existing skills to a new environment and build upon those skills through the experience.
  • Learning about another culture in a way that cannot be experienced through just being a tourist. The typically longer-term aspect of working abroad will allow you to get to know the ‘real’ country.
  • Working whilst traveling will allow you to see more, do more, and support yourself whilst having the time of your life!


It can be such a daunting prospect to arrive in a country without knowing where you’re going to live, who your friends are going to be, and what your job will be. That is why work and travel agencies exist. There are many advantages to using NYQUEST as an agency; we provide support throughout the experience (before, during and after), we organize your employment prior to your arrival in Canada, there is no need to worry about finding a place to live as your accommodations are covered by your camp, and we provide you with the tools to success from the get-go.


Don’t regret taking the chance to get out there and live abroad for a few months– for more information about the Canadian Camp Experience Program, please visit:

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