Tips and Tricks for a Stand Out Personal Statement

So you’ve started your Camp Canada application process, but now you’ve come to the part where you need to tell us a little bit about yourself and convince us why you’re a great fit for summer camp.

You’re probably feeling ALL of the feels and aren’t sure where to start. We totally understand that and don’t worry, you’re not alone in feeling that way.

The personal statement is the part of the Camp Canada application process that the majority of applicants find the hardest…but we’re here to help! Here is a list of our tips and tricks for making your personal statement stand out.

Show us your best self

Your personal statement is your chance to shine and show your true self. It’s also an opportunity to show potential employers and Camp Directors who YOU are and why you’ll be great at camp. Here are some points to cover when you’re putting together your personal statement:

  • Tell us about yourself and what makes you unique!
  • Include any relevant camp experience you might have or experience working with kids
  • What interests you about working at camp?
  • Why do you want to travel to Canada?

Also, feel free to include anything else that’s unique about you or that you weren’t able to cover in the first portion of your application.

Options, options, options

When it comes to submitting your personal statement, you have plenty of options! Based on your personality, skills, and preferences, you can send in a personal statement in any of the following formats:


Are you shy on video but have a passion for writing? It’s time to flaunt that written flair by writing an autobiographical essay or even showing us your personal website or blog.


Not a fan of writing but you’re great on camera? It’s time to get in front of the camera and tell us why you would be an excellent fit for camp! To do this, you can upload your video online and then share the link with us.

Art project

Are you passionate about art? If so, it’s time to channel your inner creative and send us samples of your art projects (don’t forget to include labels and a brief explanation of your work!).

Get creative!

If you’re not keen on any of the above formats, feel free to get creative and try something a bit different. E.g.: a slideshow, a combination of a video and art project.

The choice is up to you!

Keep it short and sweet

We want to hear about what makes you a good fit for summer camp and why you’re interested in coming to Canada, but we don’t need to read a three- page essay about why you love your dog (We don’t have anything against dogs though – we love them!).

Remember to keep your personal statement short, but impactful. Be sure to cover the points mentioned above, but there’s no need to go longer than 1 page for an essay and 2-3 minutes when submitting a video.

Don’t Forget about your good friend grammar

Although this isn’t an academic assignment, grammar, punctuation and proper sentences are still important.

We want to find about who YOU are…but we’d like to be able to do so in full sentences and with proper punctuation.

Last but not least, have fun with it!

As we mentioned, this is your chance to get creative and show us your real self…so remember to have fun with it! Camps are a fun environment so this the perfect time to channel your creativity.

We hope our tips and tricks have helped give you a better of how to put together your statement. We also hope it’s left you feeling more confident and excited about your Camp Canada experience!