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Camp is a place where campers and staff form a community, spend time in nature and develop skills for life. Camp Canada by Nyquest works with more than 90 camps across Canada and every camp is unique – in setting, traditions, routines, etc. Please carefully consider all camp types as the more camps you are open to, the more opportunities for placement there are!

Traditional Camps

These camps blend a variety of sports, wilderness, creative arts and special activities into their programs so a wide rage of positions are available. Typically privately or family-owned. Most campers at traditional camps stay for 1-8 weeks, and there are also traditional day camps.

Girl Guide Camps

Run by provincial Girl Guide Associations, these camps are for female-identified children to explore the outdoors, learn leadership skills and build friendships. Staff and campers live in platform tents or cabins, and the site and facilities are often quite rustic.

Religious Camps

Operated by Christian or Jewish organizations, these camps provide a broad range of outdoor activities within the framework of promoting particular life values. Daily prayer, worship and religious study are typically not major camp activities; however, they may be part of daily camp life.

To read more about our Jewish camps, click here

Wilderness Camps

These camps are often in remote locations close to or in provincial parks, and focus on wilderness tripping skills which typically involve multi-day excursions by foot or canoe. Time at camp will be spent teaching and training your group in necessary wilderness skills.

Disability Camps

Children with physical limitations are provided special care with adapted facilities, making it possible for them to enjoy a range of camp activities. May include adult campers. These camps are often run by not-for-profit or charitable organizations.

Learning/Mental Disability and/or Developmental Delay Camps

These camps provide comprehensive programming to campers with specific non-physical disabilities to help them achieve their fullest potential. May also include adult campers.

Camps for Economically Disadvantaged Youth

These camps provide lower cost or free programming for underprivileged/disadvantaged youth and run very similarly to traditional camps with a wide range of general activities on offer. Many of these facilities are run by not-for-profit or charitable organizations, e.g. Boys & Girls Clubs, Salvation Army, etc.


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