UK & Ireland Travel Log #2: Manchester

Lauren (Placement Director)

Manchester greeted Travis and I with typical cloudy and drizzly British weather, thicker accents, and friendly faces. It’s quite chilly up here – even by Canadian standards! I quickly regretted not packing my toque (translation = Canadian term for beanie/wooly hat). This was both our first times to Manchester, and we found the city to be lively and charming! We had less than 24 hours here, but it left a great impression on us and we are both planning to come back to visit again sometime soon!



We spent most of the day on campus at Manchester Metropolitan and the University of Manchester. We met with the MMU Careers department and discussed our summer placement opportunities for students. Even though it’s only a little over one month into the school year, it’s definitely not too early to start thinking about next summer! The earlier that you apply, the more likely we will be able to find a position for you at a camp that best matches your preferences.


We also spoke to interested students on the University of Manchester campus and handed out information pamphlets about our program and about our Info Sessions and Free Flight Voucher contest. We will be giving away our grand prize of a $500 Flight Voucher after we have finished our tour of the UK & Ireland! Attend one of our Info Sessions to enter, and bring a friend to get an extra entry!


Travis (Senior Marketing Coordinator)

Our Camp Canada info session at Waxy O’Connor’s was great! Although we didn’t have much time to spend in the city as a whole, those who came to the info session and the staff at the event made us feel like we’ve been there for days. It was great meeting everyone from all backgrounds, whether it be from different schools, different areas of Manchester, or different interests at camp.



That said, I think it’s the differences that made this info session interesting! We had attendees who’ve been to summer camp in America, some who didn’t know what to expect, and some who have wanted to go to Canada for a long time now. Everyone had different skill sets, whether experienced in sailing, rifles and shooting, horseback riding, or long-term experience in general sports. So it was great to talk about the entire spectrum of summer opportunities.



Lastly, what made the event even better, was that we could catch up with our Regional Representative, Sarah Smith! I had never met her yet, even though she’s been to Canada numerous times and worked closely with the NYQUEST office. But it was really great to catch up and have her there. For anyone in the Manchester area, she has a lot of knowledge and experience in Canada. So if you have any questions, let her know!


We’re currently rolling through the hills of Scotland towards Edinburgh. NYQUEST has been to Edinburgh in the past, but neither Lauren or myself have been. We haven’t even left the train, and I’m loving it! And I think I’ve finally got the pronunciation of Edinburgh down. Maybe I won’t seem too Canadian? Just kidding. The plaid shirt is about to come out.


Can’t wait to see some old and new faces at Revolution tonight!


Next, we’re off to Dundee & Edinburgh! You can read the next UK & Ireland Travel Log entry here! If you missed our last entry, you can read about our London adventure here!