Use a Summer Camp Placement Agency Or Go Alone?

Why is it still important to use a summer camp placement agency when sorting out a work abroad experience at a summer camp in Canada?


The internet has made organizing your own travels and finding a job much easier.  Many individuals try utilizing the internet to sort out their work abroad experience at a camp in Canada, but they run into many challenges.


First, many camp job postings are outdated and applicants waste their time trying to circulate their resumes to camps that have posted jobs online.  If in-fact a camp responds to an individual’s job related message it is extremely challenging to convince a camp director to hire you without a face-to-face interview or a recommendation from another staff that has worked at the camp.


Moreover, if a camp moves forward with hiring the international staff then there are many challenges that the staff member must encounter when trying to sort out their work permit, health insurance, travel up to camp, Canadian Bank Account and Canadian Social Insurance Number.


The staff member is also without a support system if anything happens when they pass through immigration or if they have challenges or need support while at camp.  In addition, it is extremely challenging to secure a job with a camp that matches a staff member’s preferences on location, type of campers and job role.


Camp Staffing agencies like NYQUEST Camp Canada take away all of these challenges for individuals interested in working abroad at a camp in Canada and they make the staff member feel safe and cared for.


The summer camp placement agency has spent many years and countless hours developing strong relationships with the camps and developing a great reputation for the staff that they supply.  Camps are much more willing to trust an agency’s screening processes of an applicant than they are to hire a staff member who can’t come in for a face-to-face interview and who found the camp through searching on the internet.


The summer camp placement agency can also gather a staff member’s preferences and match them with an appropriate camp.  Camp directors get inundated with applications and they often don’t have the time to go through them.  When a trusted agency contacts a camp with a staff member who matches the camps needs then the camp is quick to render a decision on the applicant.


Once the summer camp placement is organized, the agency then goes through all the steps to support the staff member with their travel and work experience.  They can help with booking flights, organize appropriate health insurance, provide training, help the staff member secure their Canadian bank account and Social Insurance Number and answer a whole host of questions that the applicant might have.


At NYQUEST Camp Canada, the most common compliment we get is that the international staff members feel like they are in good hands, well supported and can ask any question that they might have and get a quick reliable answer.  This goes a long way to help a young international traveler feel at ease with their international work and travel experience.

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