Wanted: Specialty Staff for Summer Camp Jobs Canada!

Archery Instructor

Do you have an inner Katniss Everdeen just waiting for an opportunity to shine as an archery instructor? We’re searching for our Robin Hood who knows safety procedures and can teach campers technique with some creative flair.

Ceramics Activity Instructor

Are you the kind of person who loves getting their hands dirty and has the patience of a pre-school teacher?  We’re looking for the artsy type who has experience teaching the basics of pottery, to throwing on a wheel and firing up the finished product in the kiln.

Kayaking Instructor

Flat-water, sea, and whitewater… this post is for those who can’t get enough of water sports! Can you teach paddle strokes? are you solid on your safety procedures and comfortable guiding groups of campers in these tippy and cool water-crafts? We’re hoping for an enthusiastic and experienced kayaker to paddle their way into our hearts.


You can’t get much better than a summer camp job on the waterfront!  Lifeguards have a huge responsibility, with an equally matched cool factor.  Do you have a level head in moments of crisis?  Are you a strong and confident swimmer with first aid experience? A perk of this position is that NYQUEST can help get you certified in time for work!

Special Needs Counsellor  (male staff)

Do you have experience working with youth with physical and mental disabilities? Are you a dedicated, caring and fun-loving individual?  We’re looking for male staff to join some fantastic teams at special needs Camps in Canada.

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