Why Choose NYQUEST for your Canadian Summer Camp Experience?

Every single member of the NYQUEST Camp Canada team was so helpful and supportive in every way possible during my stay in Canada. Knowing the team were there whenever I needed help, advice or guidelines on anything was great and even though we traveled to Canada alone and independent of our families, it always felt that we had some sort of family there in the form of the NYQUEST team. THANK YOU FOR A GREAT SUMMER!!

– Summer 2014 Participant



Our Team:

The NYQUEST Camp Canada office is made up entirely of previous Camp Counsellors.

Every one of us has worked at a summer camp before, and is passionate about the summer camp industry.  We know first hand about how camps can have a positive influence on the rest of your lives, and so we want to help you have the same experience.

The majority of our team are actually international staff too!  We’ve been through the ‘work abroad’ experience from beginning to end so we can fully understand and relate to the concerns (and excitement!) that you may have about working in Canada. Read more about our team here!


Our Attitude:

NYQUEST Camp Canada goes above and beyond to ensure that every single applicant has the most incredible camp experience ever.  We do this several ways:

  • In-depth screening of your application
    • We want to make sure that you are placed in a camp environment where you are challenged, but will ultimately excel, so we have a very thorough application process that allows us to get to know you properly.
  • Excellent communication
    • NYQUEST works as a close-knit team – if you speak with one of us then your message will get to everyone instantly.
    • We can usually respond to emails, FB messages, tweets, phone calls, smoke signals within just a few hours.
  • Extensive support
    • You’ll have an online interview with at least one member of our team, will meet us in person when you arrive in Canada and we’ll also visit you at least once during your placement at camp.
    • Emergency support 24 hours a day to a member of our team.

Read more about our mission here!


Our Size:

The NYQUEST team is made up of just a few extraordinary people.

Our program is very small compared to the US agencies, and so we can provide a truly personalized experience to every single one of our applicants.  You will not receive better attention from anyone else.

We go above and beyond on a daily basis.  For example: sometimes we will personally pick staff up from the airport, we could introduce you to a local bank customer representative, forward your parents misdirected mail, recommend our favourite tourist spots, advise on the best deals on shopping, cell phone plans or travel arrangements.


Our Location:

We are based in Canada’s largest city, Toronto.

Having our home office in the same country as your camp not only allows us to provide great local knowledge about everything that is happening in Canada, but we’re also quicker to respond to any issues that may arise while you are here.

We have no major time differences to navigate, and we’re only a few hours drive from the majority of our camps in the unlikely case that our presence is required.



One of our most frequently asked questions, especially at jobs fairs is: “Is it like Camp America?”

There are next to no differences between working at a summer camp in Canada compared to working in America, however, there are a few great reasons that we think we’re a better choice:

  • Simpler work permit process, that does not require an interview at an embassy
  • Unlike our US counterparts, we do not charge our returning staff a fee to go back to the same camp
  • We have more untouched wilderness
  • The weather is incredible (an average of 26 degrees during summer)
  • Everyone knows of ‘Camp America’ – why not take the road less travelled!

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