Work and Travel Abroad with NYQUEST

NYQUEST Camp Canada is the leader in finding summer camp jobs in Canada for individuals from across the world.


Why Choose NYQUEST?

  • As the only Canadian-based and longest-running camp placement organization in Canada, we work with the most camps and have inside scoop on matching them with the best participants!
  • Don’t sweat the tricky stuff! You’ll pay nothing extra for our comprehensive work permit support, fully covered by our in-house Immigration Team. You don’t even need to go to an embassy!
  • Committed to working with YOU – keen to work in a particular part of Canada or want to be placed with a friend/partner? We’ll make it happen!
  • Personalized support during your entire experience is a given when you choose us! Give us what you’ve got – you won’t find a more approachable, responsive team to make your Canadian camp dream a reality.
  • We offer the opportunity to extend your summer in Canada and work at a September/October camp, or travel in Canada after camp for up to 6 months.
  • Canada is the coolest, and we think you’ll agree! We have two “home bases” in this vast country (ON and BC) so we’re able to welcome you, assist on the ground and be available in the same time zone during your adventure. We’ll even visit you at camp!


Our personal approach and commitment to the participant ensure that the right staff is found for the right camp, and each match is the one that works best for both the staff member and the camp.


Our Camp Canada program is made up of a comprehensive training, placement and support package including airport transfers, 2 nights of accommodation in a Canadian host city, a Canadian bank account, ten weeks of health insurance and 24/7 emergency contact number.


Participants will earn a minimum of $1500 for an 8-10 week summer camp job, and room and board are included for the duration of employment.


Our team is based in Toronto and Victoria, Canada and have all worked for at least one camp in Canada as counsellors, (most of us are actually international staff ourselves!) so we have all of the relevant experience to help guide you through the Camp Canada program.


To save money on program fees, be sure to apply before December 1st! For more info, check out our website:

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