The experience of working at camp is an all-encompassing one, no matter what role you play. Staff and campers work together to create a community at camp. We use our expertise to connect you with a camp in which you can contribute fully whilst also making great friends and providing campers with the best summer that they can have! As an international staff member, you have the potential to inform campers about a world outside of their own, which is such a significant learning for them.


At Camp Canada by Nyquest, we aim to find you a placement that matches your skill set, needs and preferences. Roles vary from camp to camp, and you will have the opportunity to review the placement (and in many cases, interview with the camp director) before the placement is finalized.


Camp Counsellor / Activity Specialist

Camp Counsellors and Activity Specialists work and usually live directly with children between the ages of six and sixteen. Counsellors and campers experience a full schedule of activities during the day and typically sleep in cabins or tents at night.


General Counsellors

General Counsellors look after a specific group of campers, and you will be responsible for…

  • The daily routine! You will be looking after a group of 6-12 children. Be prepared to share accommodations with campers and co-counsellors.
  • Taking campers to meals and all different types of camp activities. You will be participating in all activities – lead by example.
  • Connecting with your campers – this means learning their interests, fears and particular motivations.
  • Encouraging and supporting your kids through difficult experiences, such as homesickness, as well as championing their successes.
  • Your campers’ wellbeing – making sure they go to bed on time, are safe, and are having fun!
  • Working together with your co-counsellors and helping out the activity specialists!
  • Helping out with planning activities (i.e. evening program, or rainy day activities) – you will need to be flexible and creative!

Activity Specialists

Activity Specialists work in particular program areas and teach all campers. You should be able to do the following:

  • Teach campers of all ages and abilities within your particular program area (click to view a list of activities at camp).
  • You should be able to think innovatively about how to engage all campers and how to keep lessons fun.
  • Understand how different campers require different support at your activity and be creative in problem-solving to allow for group success.
  • Recognizing opportunities in which you can facilitate a learning experience, a confidence boost or a spark of independence!
  • You will sometimes act as a general counsellor, and be prepared to share accommodations with campers or other activity staff.

Early Years Counsellor

Similar to a nanny, the Early Years Counsellor is primarily responsible for one to three young children, ages one to six (often the children of the camp director or senior staff). You should be able to do the following:

  • Plan an enriching and diverse program for your campers, utilizing camps’ facilities.
  • Understand their differing interests/abilities, and be creative and flexible when determining activities for them to do.
  • Manage their needs, which may include assisting with mealtimes, dressing, naptime/bedtime, bathing and changing diapers.
  • Communicate clearly and consistently with the parents or guardians.

Camp Coordinator (e.g., Office/Tuck)

The role of a Camp Coordinator is focused around the everyday functioning of camp. Whilst you are expected to be involved in many aspects of camp life including supervising campers, you should be able to do the following:

  • Assist with coordinating daily camp programs, schedules and special events.
  • Communicate with campers, parents, counsellors and senior staff as required, and answer phone calls/emails.
  • General administrative and logistic duties.
  • Running the camp store/tuck shop during designated times.



Support Staff

Support Staff are essential to the smooth running of a camp. They work behind the scenes to ensure that camp is a well-maintained, well-fed operation! Support staff usually stay in cabins with other support staff, not with campers.

You must have a valid Working Holiday Visa to apply for the support staff role.


Kitchen Staff

Kitchen Staff assist the chef and make sure campers and staff are well-fed throughout the summer. You should have the ability to:

  • Communicate in English – you will likely have co-workers of different nationalities as well as an English-speaking supervisor.
  • Work long hours (10hrs/day) in a physically-demanding role.
  • Work well as part of a team, and do what needs to get done on a daily basis to keep camp in prime operation.
  • Wash dishes, pots & pans, glasses and silverware by hand or machine.
  • Sweep and mop kitchen and dining room, and set tables.
  • Cut, peel, and wash vegetables, as well as prepare simple meals.
  • Help unload supply truck, put supplies away and take out trash cans.
  • Adhere to all province-mandated health codes and regulations.

Maintenance Staff

Maintenance Staff typically work in housekeeping/cleaning or groundworks jobs to ensure all camp facilities are clean and functioning. Depending on your specific role you should have the ability to:

  • Communicate in English – you will likely have co-workers of different nationalities as well as an English-speaking supervisor.
  • Work long hours (10hrs/day) in a physically-demanding role.
  • Sweep, mop and clean cabins or bathrooms between sessions.
  • Paint and repair camp buildings or camp property.
  • Do the camp laundry and make beds.
  • Help maintain camp vehicles, boats and other motorized equipment.
  • Move heavy camp equipment.
  • Cut grass and general grounds upkeep.

Alternative Roles, depending on experience…


Counsellor/Support Combination Role

A combo staff will mainly be working with kids, and will also help out in the camp kitchen or in maintenance. The summer pocket money is $1700 – $1800 CAD.

You do NOT need a Working Holiday Visa for this type of role.


Jesper E


NYQUEST is a great organisation. I applied to their program in the fall 2013 and got accepted before 2014. The support I recieved all through the process was second to none. If I had a question of whatever nature it was answered by NYQUEST in less than 24 hours. From the first day of applying, to getting through the Canadian VISA process, to having the pre-camp training I just kept thinking the same thing; wow, these guys know what they’re doing. NYQUEST trained me, helped me start my life in Canada (bank account, insurance etc) and they had my back the whole season (and still do). I really do believe that the work NYQUEST does, benefits more than one realizes and it has a very positive spin off effect on the whole society. If you’re thinking about going to camp and Canada with NYQUEST – do it!

Hannah D.


NYQUEST are a one of a kind company, they help you and have your back right from the time that you show interest in Canadian camps! I applied in December 2014 and by February I had my placement at camp for summer 2015! They made the process so easy and reassuring which made the transition to Canadian and camp lifestyle a lot easier. They answer any question no matter how big or small within 24h most of the time, unless they’re out of office! Even when I got out to Canada the support didn’t stop, they help you to set up your new Canadian life(bank accounts, work permits, SIN numbers) and any issues that occur they work round the clock to solve(especially around work permit issues!) all I can say is if you want to go to camp, go through NYQUEST. You’ll never regret it and you’ll have the summer of a lifetime! Thank you for everything and see you next year guys!


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